Daily meal
in Bangkok

Save time with a set of healthy meals delivered daily to your home or office door ;-)

Optimal nurtrition
Organic, healthy ingredients
More then 100 different meals

How does Cocogo daily meal service work?

Select number of meals and delivery details

  • Choose a set of 1, 2 or 3 meals
  • Pick service length — 1, 2 or 4 weeks
  • Over 60 different diet meals changing daily

Receive a set of healthy meals every morning

  • Daily delivery between 07:00 — 11:00 am
  • Free delivery for Bangkok Downtown
  • Biodegradable packaging

Enjoy your healthy body and balanced life

  • More time for your hobbies and work
  • Well-shaped and fit body
  • All neccessary nurtrition values

Our sample meals

Our meal plan menu has more then 100 recipes rotating daily, so we will deliver you a different set of meals every day. See our sample weekly menu or check out few examples below:

Seared salmon with avocado sauce

Delicious, seared salmon containing lots of healthy Omega-3 fats served with blended avocado sauce and broccoli to boost your immune system.

Baked chicken with sweet potatoes

Perfect meal after hard workout – low-fat baked chicken accompanied by sweet potatoes to give you daily shot of proteins.

Coconut tilapia with spicy carrot

Lean fish served with brown rice and choice of light veggies to end a day with a light meal and allow your body to regenerate.

Have any questions? Call: 0955522975 or Line: yuicocogo.

Try our daily meal delivery service

Save tons of time and energy that you spend every day on making food decisions: cooking, ordering food or thinking what and where to eat.

  • Choose between set of 1, 2 or 3 meals delivered daily;
  • Select between 1, 2 or 4 weeks diets lengths (you can order 1 test day before longer commitment);
  • Customize meals to meet your individual requirements;
  • Optiomal nutrition values: ~35% fat, ~30% protein, ~35% carbs, Omega6 : Omega3 ratio ~7:1, 500-600 kcal / meal;
  • Price starting from ฿180 / meal
  • Free delivery BKK downtown, choose between 07:00 - 11:00 (Monday - Friday, non-holiday);
  • Pause and resume diet whenever you want;
  • Ask for automatic renewal and never worry about food again;

Check our delivery area in Bangkok

Currently we have two delivery Zones with following pricing:

Zone A — Free Delivery

Zone B — 50 THB / day

Your address is outside of the delivery zone? Please talk to us and we'll try to figure something out!