About Cocogo

"Bangkok is already full of food, why would I need yet another meal delivery service?"

Well, while it is true that you can eat cheap, tasty and healthy in Bangkok, usually you have to pick one — it's very difficult to experience all that at the same time. Here at Cocogo our goal is to deliver healthy food on a daily basis, which tastes good and makes you feel even better! And all of that within reasonable price and delivered daily directly to your door anywhere in Bangkok. 🤗

Start eating healthy with us today!

Fresh, high quality ingredients

We do shopping daily and whenever possible we buy high quality, organic ingredients. We never buy anything that we wouldn’t be happy to eat ourselves. Simple as that. We never ever use MSG or other additions.

Healthy oils, never reused

We only use coconut, olive and bran rice oils. And we never use them more then once — most probably in contrast to your favorite pork satay vendor. 😛

Less frying, more cooking & baking!

As much as we love deep fried goodies, we know how harmful they can be for your health. We help you balance your diet by serving a lot of cooked and baked meals.

Chilli allergy? We’ve got you covered

We’ve all been there — mai pet curry ending up burning hole in your stomach. When we say it’s not spicy, it’s really not. However, when we say it’s spicy 🌶️ — embrace yourself!

Superfoods to the rescue

We pick the most healthy fruits and vegetables along with famous imported superfoods to boost your immune system in a natural, unharmful way.

Diverse menu, changing weekly

It's easy to get bored by eating every week the same meals. We change our menu every week to keep your taste buds happy.

Good sugar in, bad sugar out

While it gives you energy, sugar can be very harmful to your well being. We sweeten our meals with coconut sugar, xylitol and minimum of brown sugar to make them tasty and keep your glucose level intact. ✌️

How does it work?

Cocogo is a diet meal delivery service in Bangkok. We want to help people save their time, promote correct food eating habbits and achieve personal life goals in an easy, healthy and affordable way.

Select number of meals and delivery details

  • Choose a set of 1, 2 or 3 meals
  • Pick service length — 1, 2 or 4 weeks
  • Over 60 different diet meals changing daily

Receive a set of healthy meals every morning

  • Daily delivery between 07:00 — 11:00 am
  • Free delivery for Bangkok Downtown
  • Biodegradable packaging

Enjoy your healthy body and balanced life

  • More time for your hobbies and work
  • Well-shaped and fit body
  • All neccessary nurtrition values

About Cocogo founder

Hello! My name is Yui Promjan and I've created Cocogo out of my passion for clean and healthy food.

My vision is to change the way people in Thailand eat everyday. I would like everyone to be able to get healthy affordable food on daily basis and live their life happier. As an enterpreneur I know that life can get busy and healthy choices are sometimes difficult - that's what my company Cocogo is trying to solve. I hope that one day my meal delivery service will be available for everyone in Bangkok and beyond.

Thank you and see you soon ka.

How to order our meal delivery service?

You can order our meal plan directly on our website or through Line:

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