Frequently Asked Questions

Even if we don't, we definitely can. Please talk to us and we will try to figure something out - there is always an option to delivery for an additional fee if your area is not covered by our free delivery zone.
We don't sell individual meals. Instead, we save your time by completely taking care of what you eat: we prepare a menu with perfect nutrition and customize meal according to your individual needs, and then we deliver meal package to your door early every morning. Simple as that.
You can choose your desired delivery time - our driver work 07:00 - 11:00 so you can choose any time in between that. If we ever run late, we will call you and deliver to another place if needed.
Not at the moment, but it's on the way.
Not at the moment, but we know a lot of people try to keep their sodium intake low, so we are looking for a ways to keep level of sodium in our meals low by avoiding refined foods and refraining from using extensive amounts of salt when cooking.
No at the moment, but we our current plan is already quite good on protein (around 30%). However, we are also considering adding separate Keto plan. Are you a Keto fan? Let us know, it will definitely speed things up. :)
Our plan is on average is ~35% fat, ~30% protein, ~35% carbohydrates. We try to keep omega6 : omega3 ratio as low as possible (below 8:1). Every meal is around 500-600 kcal.
Every meal is around 500-600 kcal so a full meal plan (3 meals per day) is around 1500-1800 kcal, which is a right amount of calories for an adult working an office job. However, we are happy to customize calories according to your meals.
Yes, you can. In that case please talk to us, we will have to add small delivery fee on top of your meal price, but it's definitely doable.
We have 1 day test package, which allows you to try before longer commitment. If you like that, a minimal order is 1 week (but we deliver only on work days, so it's effectively 5 days).
No, we don't. We have to rest and enjoy our healthy life sometimes as well :)
Sure. Just talk to us on Line (yuicocogo) and we will figure a way to make you happy.
Yes, we customize meals to a reasonable degrees. If there are some foods you are allergic to or just never eat, we will exchange them with some other ingredients in all meals for you.
Click a button in top right corner or talk to us on Line: yuicocogo. See you soon!